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"Summerhill Dreams couldn't have been made without the help, prayers and understanding of so many people.
Songwriting has been my catharsis for over 30 years.
I've been very fortunate to have family and friends who nuture my talent and have taught me how to appreciate the good and positive things in life. I turn to God for wholeness and direction and hope that listeners will find inspiration in these songs.

Thanks to:

Kurt Tietz for arranging, producing, mixing, mastering, performing on bass guitar, cello, upright bass and harpsichord...but most of all, for seeing creative possibilities in this project.

Carol Commerford for enhancing these songs with her warm flute sounds and for her enduring friendship.

Ron Farrow for playing percussion instruments and being so willing to give his time and energy to this project.

Rodney Bridges for playing hand bells with me and for being such a special friend

Liesl Schoernberger who has an awesome talent, a generous heart, and plays a "mean" fiddle/violin.

Dave,Luke, Chelsea, and Hannah for your love that richly blesses

Family and Friends who have encouraged and patiently waited...